Accountants in London

Accountants in London

Accountants in the City of London

There was a time when people starting up a business or looking to replace their existing accountant would only look for a local accountant. would only look for a local accountant when they were starting up a new business, or looking to replace their current accountant. A London-based business would search for an affordable accountant in the London area, and select whichever financial services were available on a high-street near them.

Times, and the accounting industry, have changed, with many accountants offering an online service. The location of your accountant is no longer such a major factor when selecting a suitable provider.

Accountants in London
A taxi driver in London can quite easily take up the services of an online accountant in Manchester. Businesses from anywhere in the UK might choose to use the services of an accountant in London who specialises in their particular industry.

Unless you prefer to meet your accountant face-to-face, then using an online accounting service for your business is seriously worth consideration. Whilst you might be based in the nation’s capital, your accountant doesn’t necessarily need the London postcode, or the massive overheads that go with it. Shopping around for a remote accountant might prove to be far more cost effective for your business.

Most standard high-street services allow you to communicate with your accountant via email, telephone and messenger. An online accountant has the infrastructure to support you, and their distance doesn’t mean being distant in their communications.

The benefits of cheap online accountants

Online accountants are no different to bricks and mortar accounting companies. They offer the same services, such as payroll, bookkeeping, and tax returns. Because they don’t need to pay expensive city-centre business rates, they can do it for a more affordable price.

  • low cost accountancy services
  • fully accessible, no matter where you live (in London working with an accountant in Manchester, for instance)
  • affordable dedicated professional accountants
  • quick communications via email, telephone and messenger
  • online reviews from previous and existing customers, so you better understand their service
  • online support such as social media forums and live chat specialists

They’re not limited to just helping out small businesses, either. Online accountancies have the professional expertise and experience to manage bigger organisations as well as contractors and freelancers.

So next time you run a search for a cheap accountant, keep in mind that even if you are based in London, you can use an accountant in another part of the UK!

Lots of choice in London

If you’re based in the city of London then you certainly have plenty of options to choose from when selecting an accountant for your business.

Being the capital, it’s a natural home for some of the oldest accountancy firms in the UK. Unfortunately, those expensive city-centre locations are often reflected in the fees that they charge.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are well worth researching. Seek out a reliable, trustworthy and experienced accountant to handle your business accounting. Most of which really do offer very competitive fees!

Choose the right accountant for your business

Just like a high price doesn’t always mean the best quality, the lowest price isn’t always the best value.

It can be very tempting to go with the cheapest accountant service you can find, especially when you’re just starting out and budgets are tight. The most affordable accountant doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your business, though.

Make a list and decide what it is exactly you want from an accountancy service. Do you need bookkeeping or will you be doing that yourself? Do you work in a specialist sector that may require an accountant with knowledge of your industry? Of course, on that list will be cheap rates, but don’t make that the deciding factor. Make sure your accountant brings more to the table then their affordable fees!

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