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Whether you’re a start-up looking for your first accountant, or you’re looking to switch your business to a new practice, shopping for an accountant can be quite tiring. Fortunately, lots of accountants offer an online service these days, so Bristol based businesses aren’t restricted to firms in the city centre when the time comes.

Online accountancy has been steadily growing, and it widens the net for small businesses looking for cheap accounting services in Bristol, giving them a much larger search radius.

Accountants in Bristol

More choice for Bristol businesses looking for an accountant

Unless you know that you want to see your accountant in-person, shopping around for an online accountant means you have a much better chance of finding the services you need, at a much lower price. By their very nature of operating online, the service gives you the same accounting experience that you should expect from anywhere, but without needing to go out of your way.

A business based in Bristol can work with an accountant anywhere in the UK. Likewise, small business owners all over the country can use the services of an accountant in Bristol, if they provide an online service.

You’re not tied to using a practice in the local area, so if you have very particular needs, or you simply don’t want to pay high-street accountancy fees, then online might be the way forward.

What should I look for in an accountant?

Any big purchase usually means plenty of research before-hand, and the same is certainly true when you’re shopping for an accountant. This is where some people get nervous – signing up for an accountancy service with an accountant that you’ve never met in-person seems a bit daunting. Rightfully so.

The good news is that most online accountants provide the same support and services that you should expect to see from any of the firms in Bristol. The trouble is, the finance industry can be quite technical and uses a lot of jargon, so it might be difficult to work out which accounting services you actually need.

For instance, payroll, bookkeeping, tax and VAT returns are all usually on offer, as well as more specialised areas. Not all of these are essential for all businesses, so look out for firms which let you opt-out of unnecessary services – it tends to make the fees a lot cheaper than having everything bundled into one big package.

Choosing the best accountant for your needs

Do your background research, and check out their online reviews from independent review sites (not just the ones on their website!). It’s also worth noting that whilst some online accountants might simply outsource the work, some won’t – so always ask about where your data will be, and how it’s handled.

They should always make it clear what qualifications they have, and which professional bodies they’re registered with!

The cheapest price might be good for your budget, but low-cost accounting services might not be appropriate for your business if you need something very specific. Check out our guide to finding the right accountant.