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Looking for an accountant to help you with your business can be hard work when the finance industry uses a lot of jargon. It can make it difficult to work out what your business actually needs from an accountant, and which bits you might not be quite ready for.

The good news is that online accountancy is a growing area, so you can look beyond Birmingham-based accounting firms when you’re on the search for a new one!

Accountants in Birmingham

More accounting choice for Birmingham businesses

Unless your heart’s set on working with an accountant who you can meet face-to-face on a regular basis, an online accounting firm usually means you can get the same services for much cheaper.

Operating an online practice allows these firms to set-up shop pretty much anywhere in the UK, avoid the inflated high-street location costs, and provide accounting services at a lower rate.

It means that a business based in Birmingham isn’t restricted to using their local accountant. Similarly, self-employed people and businesses from all of the UK can work with an online accountant who’s based in Brum. Which is great news if you have specific needs, or just don’t fancy paying high-street rates!

What should I look for in an accountant?

Whether you go high-street or online, signing up with an accountant is a big step for any business, from start-ups, to established businesses looking to switch to a new practice.

Big purchases tend to mean plenty of research, and this is especially true if do decide to go for an online service. Sadly, not all online accountants are created equal, though in fairness the same is true when you compare any business service.

Fortunately, most online accountants will give you exactly the same support and services that you’d look for in any of the practices around Birmingham. For instance, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax and VAT returns, as well as more specialised areas such as CIS tax returns.

Do some background research, and take a look at their online reviews on any independent sites (think Trustpilot, not just the ones on their website). It’s also worth noting that some online accountants are actually an intermediary service which will outsource the work, whereas others really are an office full of accountants, who just happen to work online.

Always ask where your data will be stored and sent, and how it’s handled. If you don’t have your own dedicated accountant, or you have to pay extra for access to them, it usually means they outsource.

And on that note, they should always make it clear what qualifications they have, and which professional bodies they’re registered with!

Choosing the best accountant for your needs

The cheapest price might be good for your budget, but low-cost accounting services might not be appropriate for your business if you need something very specific. Check out our guide to finding the right accountant.

It’s usually cheaper to find a firm that can deal with all of your accounting needs in one place, but keep an eye out for those that offer accountancy ‘bundles’. For instance, if VAT services are ‘included’, the base rate is probably higher, so you’ll be paying for it unnecessarily if you’re not actually VAT registered.