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A Guide to Freelancer Accountants

Even a freelancer needs an accountant

The fast paced world of a freelancer. Working on different projects each month, picking up new clients, working long hours and late nights to meet deadlines. It’s a common story for any successful freelancer who is determined to work independently and often from the location of their choosing. A freelancer’s time is often dedicated to working on projects and sourcing new business to help build up their monthly cash flow and bring longevity to their freelance campaigns. All of this activity leaves very little time to keep accurate bookkeeping or to maintain track of bookkeeping.

A Guide to Freelancer Accountants

So, where do I find an accountant that works with freelancers?

A good place to start is with recommendations. Do you know of any other freelancers who are using an accountant? Check them out and see if they are suitable for you. You will find nearly all reputable freelance accountants will be online based or will have some online capacity when it comes to interaction with your accountant, sending in your records or getting general advice.

This works perfectly for a freelancer who often moves around work locations and having an accountant that is accessible online can really make a difference. Of course by using an online service, this opens up the choices you have to choose from. Find an accountant that is accessible, who has worked with freelancers and ideally knows your industry.

Knowledge can save you money!

Knowing what you can claim for can really help your cause when it comes to your tax returns. You normally get some information on what is claimable when chatting with fellow freelancers, often it’s too late or inaccurate. By having an accountant that deals with freelancers on a daily basis looking after your accounts, you will be made aware about everything you can claim. Working from home, buying equipment related to your business, training courses to further your skills and that favorite fuel and food expenses!

Don’t leave it too late to get an accountant on board. Waiting until a few weeks before deadline day is not the best way to go about it! Not only will you be missing out on advice but also getting together your records at the last minute is time consuming and will often lead to mistakes which could incur penalties.

New to freelancing?

Here are some good places to stop by if you’re new to the freelancing world. It really helps when you can pick up information from seasoned freelancers who have been in your position and are willing to pass on information that really could help your freelance career:

And remember to achieve that perfect freelancer work environment you have to work hard! Flexible hours, choice of working location and holidays when you decide are all wonderful, but they don’t come easy. Set short term and long term goals, collect references as you go along from happy clients and use them to win more projects.