Finding Online Accountants

Online Accountants

How to find the best online accountant

You’ve started a new business or maybe you have taken the brave step into self employment, working as a freelancer or contractor. Everyone has told you that you will need an accountant to look after your bookkeeping and deal with HMRC. But where do you start looking? Should you opt for a high street accountant who is local to you, or do you look at the online accountant options?

 Online Accountants
Spare budget to allocate to extra services when starting out will be minimal (unless you’re very lucky!) so it’s only natural to seek out an affordable accounting service. Not only do you want an accountant who will suit your budget, but also one who will work with you and your business, helping you work in a tax efficient manner. Also someone who is available to offer up advice, especially when just starting out. The most favoured¬†option for many is an online accountant.


Why online?

The first thing you will notice about online accountants is their price. Many are able to offer their services at a much lower rate due to a number of factors, the main one being low overheads. An accountancy working online can often operate from just one location, unlike a high street bricks and mortar business who will have a number of premises and normally a larger number of staff.

This all gets passed onto the service payer to cover costs unlike an online business. With an online accountant you also have more choice, not being limited to location because your accountant is accessible online, bringing you more options on price and suitability. However, attractive as an affordable service is, you still must ensure that the accountant is the right one for you and your business.


Research your accountant

If you have looked at a number of online accountants, got your quotes and maybe spoken to them briefly, it’s now time to select a service that ticks all the boxes. Researching an accountant before taking on their services is an important part of the process. Start at their website, see if they are easily accessible. Do they have contact phone numbers, support email or even a live chat feature? Are they displaying their social networks? Check out their Twitter page or Facebook page to see how active they are.

This can also offer an insight into how they interact with clients online.

When working with any company online, communication is important, and being able to speak with your accountant through various online channels will help things run smoothly. Next, check out if the online accountants have any reviews from previous or current clients. They may have some listed on their website, but you also need to look externally. Google reviews, Facebook reviews and well known review websites such as Trustpilot will all help. An easy way to locate any reviews is to run a simple Google search on the company name, this will bring out any reviews on the company.


Recommendation or online search

The best way to find an online accountant is through a Google search or a recommendation from a friend or even from a review of the accountant. When searching online, make sure you define your search as best as you can. If there is a specific service you require, maybe bookkeeping or VAT then include those services in your search. Maybe you need an accountant that works within a specific niche, an accountant who has experience working with charities or maybe within the music industry. With all the options online, you should find an accountant that not only matches up to your budget but also one that knows your industry well and offers a great all round accounting service to help your business blossom and grow.

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