3 great wasys for freelancers to use the cloud

3 Great Ways for Freelancers to Use the Cloud

If you’re not using the Cloud yet, you’re missing a trick (or several). Here are three ways you can use the Cloud to streamline your freelancing career:

  1. As a Back-Up

    Hopefully, you already back up any designs, documents or important data onto a memory stick or portable hard drive. But these devices can become corrupted or physically damaged. They can also be stolen or lost.
    Backing up onto the Cloud means that your information is held on multiple servers at multiple locations, ensuring that should the worst happen, your information is still accessible.

  2. For Working on the Go

    Apologies if you love to use those train journeys to catch up on social media or read a novel – because now, there’s no excuse to slack off while you’re travelling. By saving all your work in progress to the Cloud, you can work on it at any time or any place you have access to the internet – on your laptop, phone, tablet or even someone else’s device.
    Random ideas, initial paragraphs that form in your head, a design idea that you outline on your tablet – they can all be saved to the Cloud, saving you time (and the effort of emailing or manually transferring data from one device to the other).

  3. For Bookkeeping

    Doing your accounting in the Cloud makes bookkeeping much easier. There’s no need to worry about updating your software or hardware, because Cloud accounting software is updated automatically. Figures from your invoices or bank account can automatically steam into your accounting software, and if you don’t want to handle it all by yourself, a Cloud accounting package can be accessed by your accountant as well. You’ll both have anytime, anywhere access to your up-to-date financial data.


Don’t forget, though, that like anything else IT related, it’s often the human component that throws up errors! Remember to save everything important to the Cloud and sync up your folders and files regularly so that all your data is up to date.

Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.