How to Deal With Hot Weather at the Office

How to Stay Cool at the Office During the Heatwave

This week’s heatwave has left productivity at a standstill with workers all over the country Googling “can you go home if it’s too hot?”

The weather is looking set to continue for the next couple of weeks. So we’ve put some quick tips to help you deal with the heat and keep your employees cool and working as well as they can.

Water coolers

Having a source of water nearby is always important but when it’s not particularly cold, it can be a bit disappointing. Having a water cooler is a great way to encourage employees to consume more water, keeping everyone healthy and cooler.

Early finishes

Being stuck in an office for 8 hours a day is the worst. Early finishes when the temperature racks up will be gratefully received. If giving workers time off isn’t an option, you could introduce early starts as an option so that people can leave earlier in the day when it’s at the hottest.

Fan positioning

Hopefully you’ve got some fans on the go if you haven’t got full blown air conditioning installed. Unfortunately, all fans do is blow warm air from one place to another.

Where you put your fans can make all the difference. Many people have success positioning fans beside windows to keep the flow of air fresh and cooler. Others swear by putting fans in front of buckets of ice water or wet towels in an effort to cool the room down.

Ice cream

Passing around ice creams is an inexpensive way to lift everyone’s moods and provide a much needed relief from the heat. If you have a small office it might help to have an ice cream rota where everyone takes turns to bring something in to get you all through the heat wave.

Relaxed dress codes

If your dress codes are still as strict as they are any other time of the year, your employees probably aren’t thanking you.

While women can wear dresses to keep cool without breaking the dress code, men stuck in shirts and ties is a little unfair. Relax the ties and jackets memo. Everyone will thank you for it.

Avoid dehydrating coffee runs

Caffeine might perk people up a bit in the afternoon when everyone gets a bit sleepy in the heat. However, caffeine is dehydrating and therefore best to avoid or limit during this weather. Some say that hot drinks cool you down so if you want keep at them try to switch out some coffees with herbal tea to mix it up and stay hydrated.

Fruit boxes

Fruit with high water content can keep employees hydrated and cool. Having fruit boxes for employees to pick is a great way to keep them happy and healthy. It’s also a healthier alternative to all those ice creams!

Ice packs

A simple solution – wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and apply to pulse points for instant relief. Keep your office freezer stocked with big bags of ice so people can help themselves throughout the day and cool their drinks.


How are you keeping cool this summer? We’d love to hear your tips for managing the heatwave? Let us know!

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