How to Boost Storefront Appeal

Six Easy Ways to Boost Your Storefront Appeal

If you rely on passing traffic as a shop, café, bar or restaurant, then your ‘storefront appeal’ is incredibly important to your profits as it can make the difference between people coming in and buying from you or them going elsewhere.

Has your storefront got a little tired lately? Here are some ways to boost your appeal and grab the attention of new passers-by.

Put up signs

Storefronts that advertise new special offers in the window will help to catch the eye of those looking for the next best deal. Try putting up signs or even a traditional sandwich board outside. If you can, avoid handwritten signs as they generally look messier and less professional. Print some branded signs with clear, eye-catching details to get people into your store.

Keep things clean

Make sure you keep the windows regularly cleaned, the displays dust free and the area around your shop as neat and tidy as you’re able. Dirty storefronts are a big red flag that shows you don’t really care about your business that much. If that’s the case, why should customers care about you?

Get a new sign

Is yours a bit tired-looking with peeling or faded paint? Invest in a new sign that doesn’t look like it was put up 20 years ago. It’s a simple change that will remove the poor first impression your old sign may be creating.

Change your branding/logo

If you’re considering a new sign, why not go the whole way and redesign your logo? It will draw people’s attention, especially locals who will notice the difference. It’s also a good opportunity to update branding which is a little tired or outdated into something fresh and modern.

Change up your display regularly

Is your window display gathering dust? Don’t let it! Make sure you do something new with your display on a regular basis. Set a time each week or month to change up your display to catch people’s eyes. People could be walking past your shop every day and never pay any attention until you give them something new to look at.

Include plants

Get some greenery outside and add a couple of hanging baskets or plant pots at either side of the door. It’ll make the place look more inviting and well cared for.


How do you maintain your storefront appeal? What little details do you like to take care of? Let us know your thoughts.

Stephanie Whalley
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