Six Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Six Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

What makes a successful and highly effective entrepreneur? What unique qualities do they possess, harness, or work on?

Rarely does it happen by accident. Instead, highly effective entrepreneurs are diligent and focused honing in on the skills and attributes they need. This is great news as it means we can identify and cultivate these habits ourselves.

1.     They understand effectiveness

It may seem obvious but success is about effectiveness. It’s about reaching the best possible outcome with the minimal input and amount of time. This requires identifying the optimal way to do what you do. Every decision is a smart and effective one eliminating wasted time and resources. Therefore disorganisation is never allowed a place in their approach. Instead highly successful entrepreneurs are detailed and focused as well as highly organised.

2.     They embrace their vision

Achieving the outcome you desire requires intense focus on your vision. If you can’t clearly see what you want to achieve then your path towards it will meander. Your imagination needs to be given free rein to construct the vision of where you want to get to. It’s not just about being a big dreamer, but you definitely need to be able to visualise your big dreams.

3.     They use the tools available

Business leaders today need to be savvy when it comes to embracing the tools available to them. Technological tools chosen wisely can save time and resources. Choose the wrong technological tools and you’ll be hampering your success. Therefore always consider: can technology help me? What do I really need from technology? Don’t settle for second best, but choose products that actively support your business processes.

4.     The early birds catch the worm

This age-old saying applies not just to being an early-riser. Highly successful entrepreneurs are ahead of the curve, setting the trends, and are always first in line. They wake up and shake up the day, but they also wake up and shake up every process they come in to contact with. They refine things and make them work better. This approach allows them to accomplish more, regularly.

5.     They are self-sustaining and self-caring

Being successful in business requires stamina. It’s one thing having the vision, it’s another keeping the drive going to make it a reality. In the vast majority of cases it’s therefore not possible to simply run a flat out race and hope to achieve the end goal. Instead, successful entrepreneurs not only focus on the prize, but they also look after themselves. They get good sleep, exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

6.     They are flexible and adaptable

Rarely is the path to success a linear line. Instead, successful entrepreneurs anticipate road blocks and diversions and use them to their advantage. They flex and adapt, keeping their eye on their vision but exploiting each and every situation to their advantage. They don’t meet an obstacle and fret. They meet a business obstacle and work out the solution. They meet demand because of this adaptable approach and use their own learning to become more effective.


What habits have you found to be the cornerstone of your success? What characteristics enable you to pursue your goals? Please share your thoughts.

Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.