Community in the Workplace

The Importance of Community in the Workplace

As we spend more and more time ‘at the office’, it’s becomes increasingly important that the workplace is somewhere we feel safe, valued, and included.

A huge part of this is making the workplace feel more like a community of people who respect one another and are all working towards the same objective.

Create purpose-built spaces for downtime

Creating a designated area, such as a breakout space or a canteen, will provide staff with the perfect place to socialise and relax during downtime. It can help to keep the focus on work during work time, and fosters a sense of community beyond the job in hand.

This is also the ideal place to put a noticeboard or digital screen to share internal communications and important messages.

Set up staff fitness or sports teams

There’s nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition to get staff bonding. Setting up staff teams will bolster relationships, encourage teamwork, create a buzz around competitive events and provide some light relief.

Get involved with your local community

Supporting local projects will extend that sense of community to your own team. We’re not just talking about making a donation and posting it on your social media here – we’re talking good, honest elbow grease which really makes a difference. Hopefully then, staff can bring this attitude back to work with them.

Make time in the calendar for regular social events

People who work together often share at least a little of what’s going on in their lives. Regular social events are what build social bonds and strengthen the interpersonal relationships which make for improved communication ‘back at the desk’.

Where time and budgets allow it, think about organising a team-building activity which everybody can enjoy and get involved with outside of work.

Take measures to breakdown the professional hierarchy

Okay, so, we’re not suggesting outright anarchic revolution, but flattening the structure can help communication. The chain of command is useful, but even more so if ideas (and problems) can be shared swiftly and efficiently.

Welcome inclusion and diversity with open arms

The world is a diversely populated place, and this should be reflected in your workforce. Employing people across a range of backgrounds will broaden the potential for new ideas to generate, and make everyone feel as though they belong (because they do).

Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.