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Our top tips for growing your small business!

Create! – Always look forward to what is the next step in your business. Being innovative and creative is the key to both progress and success. You must continually involve your client’s needs and desires to keep you above your competitors. Creativity is the most important aspect of being in business, it keeps not only your customers interested but also yourself.

Refresh your products – This ties in with being creative, are your products/services still as attractive as they were in the beginning? What could you change to make them just as exciting to both old and new customers? Carry out continuous market research – simply chatting to customers on social media can reveal a lot about what your customers want.

Maintaining cashflow – A solid financial base to your business determines healthy growth, so you should examine your cashflow projections for the year ahead. This is best done with the use of an accountant and make sure to keep your business records up to date and accurate!

Earning more from sales – Ask yourself whether you could extend your product range or sell bundled goods. You have already established a customer relationship with people who recognise the value and quality of your product or service so why not use them to your advantage?

New customers – In contrast with this you should also focus on attracting new customers. In some cases businesses rely too heavily on a few loyal customers. This is a dangerous tactic as what happens if those loyal customers go elsewhere? The more people you attract the better! It is also useful to learn which marketing methods work and those that don’t.

Selling methods – With the online world becoming increasingly popular many businesses are now turning to selling their products online. Using online methods such as this could enable you to reach customers not only in other areas of the UK but also worldwide.

Online promotion – If you can’t sell online or choose not to, you can still promote your business online. Having a website is a critical part of representing your business effectively. Social media marketing as mentioned above is also fast becoming the best way to promote online. Twitter and Facebook could help you to attract new customers and promote business offers online. SEO will be needed for your website to get visibility in Google – grab some free advice from an SEO expert

What tips do you think are important when growing your small business? Please let us know!





Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.