cheap accountant for new business

Why an accountant can help your new business grow

You’re just starting out. Your business idea that you have been dreaming about for the past few years has finally taken shape, you’ve taken the first big step and made a commitment. Some may have left the safety of a permanent job, paid holidays, pension and the guarantee of a set wage coming in every month. Others may have asked family members to help finance the new start up idea, whatever the commitment, it brings along a certain type of pressure to succeed.

Making sure everything that needs to be done has been done when first starting out is essential. Having a business plan, knowing where you want your business to be in 6 months, then 12 months is important to keep the direction of your business going on the right path. Although budgets are normally tight when first starting a business, one component that is important to factor into any new business budget are the services of an accountant.

But why do I need an accountant?

Whether you’re trading as a sole trader or operating as a limited company you will need an accountant. When you first start out your business, any free time will very limited. All of your focus will be driven towards building up your customer base, bringing in new business and making sure your current customers are receiving the best service they can. You will be marketing your brand online and getting the word out, not much spare time to be maintaining your business records and performing accurate bookkeeping tasks. Knowing what is claimable, when deadlines are coming closer for returns and accurate bookkeeping and business records is key to helping your business grow. An accountant will cover all of these areas, leaving you time to focus on growing your new business. You will also have professional advice on hand, invaluable for any business owner.

Are there many cheap accountant services around?

It’s best not to jump right in and engage the services of an accountant, solely based on the fact they are the cheapest around! You want a good all round accounting service that suits your business but is also affordable and fits within your budget. Think about what accountant services you need. Do you need the accountant to complete your bookkeeping or could you possibly do that yourself? Define what areas you want before searching for a suitable accountant. You will find most online accountants will offer the most competitive fees due to the fact they will have less overheads. They are also more accessible and you will not be restricted to area when looking around. Make sure you properly research any potential accountant, look for online reviews and case studies. Use a website like ours, check out our recommended cheap accountants, get a quote and see if it fits your budget and business needs.

Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.