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Finding your business feet

Starting out with a new business venture can be enough to give even the most hardened business person sleepless nights. The run up before a new business launch can be a time filled with self doubt and last minute decisions, excitement and anticipation. Even if you have successfully set up and ran a new business, a new venture can be like the first time.

Of course you will have done plenty of research and learnt as much as you can about your particular market and environment. You will have fully researched your competition and sampled their business services to see what is working and what you could improve on to make your service or product the number one choice. Maybe you’re taking an already proven business template into another location and it’s a case of setting it up in the same manner, but does the new location have different competition? Are the local customers different in their choices or the way they shop or select a service?

With any new business you have to find your business feet. Each business will have a different type or approach and style that will make it work. Every business is different even if they are offering the same product or service. Your business branding and the people you have representing your company are a couple of the first things the public will see or interact with when dealing with you. So how much time have you put into your branding, did you make that website logo yourself from free software, maybe reconsider and put it in the hands of a professional. Have you considered how your website looks? Do you have staff? If so have they had any training, do they know what the company ethic is and what motivation do they have from you to go that extra mile when dealing with customers?

Finding your business feet as early as possible will raise the chances of the business being a success. Being comfortable and confident with your service or product will project into your customer service and will give you the confidence to make positive bold business decisions, moving your business forward and into profit and growth.


Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.