Tips for a Successful Business

5 Quick Tips to Help You Run a Successful Business

Everyone who starts a business is hoping for success. In practical terms, that means running a profitable business. You need these profits to plough back into the business so that the initial success becomes a recipe for the future.

This article is about giving you 5 quick tips which will help to ensure business success, whatever you do.

1. View your competitors as resources

You’ve heard about competitor research and you know you want the competitive edge. However, deep down we also know that the majority of business owners fear their competitors.

However, in fearing them, you’re missing a trick. Fear naturally makes us shy away. Instead, by getting to know what they do and how they do it can actually provide you with fantastic insight into how to succeed. Then aim to improve on what they do to ensure your competitive edge is not just copying another business.

2. Keep good records

Yes record keeping is a dull administrative task, but maintaining accurate and ordered records helps you to keep on top of the business. This is particularly beneficial for things such as cash flow. Knowing what money is where in the business, and what’s coming in and out, means you can invest back in to the business wisely.

It needn’t be a headache. Use Pandle as your bookkeeping tool and keeping records will soon become a breeze.

3. Focus on your customer

We may sound like we’re preaching to the converted, but many businesses need to stop and take stock of whether they are actually focusing on the customer in everything they do. Your customer should be at the forefront of your mind for every decision and action. Taking time to thoroughly examine your customer experience will reward you with success through loyal customers.

4. Be organised

So much of running a successful business comes down to this one element: being organised. That doesn’t just mean having organised records, but every facet of the business should be well planned and structured. This prevents hard-hitting penalties for things such as late payments or missing a deadline. However, it also prevents the painful intensity and chaos that occurs when you’re winging it.

In the early days this will involve doing things such as constructing a business plan. As the business develops, those plans will expand to individual areas enabling you to see which steps need to be taken and when.

5. Stay focused

It’s very easy for small businesses to lose their focus. For example, one dominant client can lead you down a path you never intended to travel. Ask if this is what you want, or do you want to get back on track with your original aims? Are you being diverted, going off tangent, or expanding to product lines that your business isn’t yet ready for? Has your brand persona deviated from what you wanted it to be?

Staying focused enables you to keep your goals in sight. If you have a good plan for achieving them, then don’t be frightened to stay your course.

Successful businesses don’t just happen. They are carefully planned and managed. However, these five tips will ensure you have the foundations of success in place.


Do you follow any of these tips? What other tips do you have for business success? Please share your thoughts below.

Stephanie Whalley
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