HMRC’s Underrated App

In 2012 HMRC revealed that they were getting a bit digital. The team at HMRC decided that an app would help taxpayers keep up to date on information and give them an accessible list of information that would be relevant to them.

The app was created as a reaction to the evidence that over half of taxpayers did not know how much income tax and National Insurance they paid annually.

The app includes a variety of information and forms, including; information on income tax, child benefits, National Insurance, PAYE for employers and Self Assessment. Along with a feed of the latest HMRC news, there is an integrated tax calculator.

Tax Calculator

A survey revealing that 70 percent of those who receive bank statements always check their transactions, also revealed that 26 percent of taxpayers are as thorough in checking how much tax they have paid.

Considering the majority of people are never without their phones, HMRC made a smart move when they decided to allow people to stay updated on their app.

The HMRC tax calculator app was launched with the mission of making personal tax less complicated and more accessible for taxpayers.

HMRC’s Digital Jump

HMRC’s app was only the first leap in their digital revolution.

From 2020, tax returns will be filled out online. Each individual will have their own HMRC log in access and be send their forms via the site rather than through post. The switch to digital has been described as one of the “most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world”.

Although the change to digital was aimed to make tax easier for people, it also came with the news that tax returns would have to be filled out four times a year – a blow for small businesses who already find it a burden to fill out tax returns.

Where to Download

You can download HMRC’s handy app for iOS and Android. There is also an online version for the desktop users among us!

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Kara Copple
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