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Why Women Are Winning the Freelance Game

38 percent of the freelance community are female – a third of which are mums. Women freelancers are also earning around £6.80 more than men a week. This gender pay gap might not have been what we were expecting, so what is it that makes women such good freelancers?

Mainly because the traditional working day is just that; traditional. The working day has never favoured women because it wasn’t made for them – so why should they stick to it?

Women are far more likely to freelance to “have independence from such things as office dynamics” Fast Company reported, with 40 percent of women agreeing this is the reason they go freelance, compared to only 26 percent of men.

Not only are women more suited to the flexible freelance style, they are also suited to the qualities necessary to become a successful freelancer.

Problem Solving

Freelancers are the ultimate problem solvers.

When clients are searching for their services, they have a definite problem that they need solving – and by choosing a freelancer over an agency, they might need specialist help to do it – or at least to be able to communicate easily with the person working on their project.

In women, the parts of the frontal lobe responsible for decision-making and problem-solving are larger than they are in men. This means women are more adapted to work with these kinds of situations effectively, and may be better for the job than men.


As a freelancer, being able to be more fluid with projects and work seamlessly on different tasks is a trait that’s invaluable when working with multiple clients.

It’s a huge advantage for women, who are more easily adapted to switching between tasks and projects, unlike men who work better by working on one task and completing it, before moving onto another. An ease of moving between tasks means women are more flexible with their workload and can make time for clients in between.


When it comes to wooing the crowd, you should turn to a woman. In an office environment, where the only people you have to chat to are your colleagues, it’s not necessary to polish of your communication skills. However, if you’re wanting to break into the freelancing business, you’ll need more skill than just being a chatterbox.

Being a successful freelancer hinges on how you communicate with clients and convey your personality through social media. And, according to a Manchester University study, women are better communicators than men as men have a weaker command of language in social situations; despite men talking more.


Being a freelancer doesn’t just require you to be a professional in one field. You have to take on numerous different tasks to ensure the smooth running of your business. This can mean being an administrator, an accountant, a sales advisor and an expert in your own industry.

This can all get tiring very quickly so there will come a point when you’ll realise going it alone isn’t an option. Asking for help is necessary to be successful when working on your own, and outsourcing can help free up your time to produce your best work for clients.

Traditionally, women are much happier asking for help than men. This readiness to admit to error and look to others for help makes women more successful in finance, as they tend to question things they aren’t sure of.

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Kara Copple
An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.